The Conant Farming Company takes pride in its commitment to wildlife, conservation and the environment. A number of our farms are LEAF members: Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) is the UK's leading organisation promoting sustainable food and farming with high environmental standards. CFCO is fully conversant with both ELS and HLS and all of our contract farms are subject to Natural England's Entry Level (ELS) Scheme and two farms are in the Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) Scheme.

One or two metre margins exist round all fields and receive no chemical or fertilizer at all. These buffer margins are only mowed one in three years and out of the nesting season. Nest boxes for owls and other farmland birds are strategically placed around the holdings.


Conant Farming has planted tens of thousands of trees under various Farm Woodland Planting Schemes, creating new woodlands as well as planting roadside trees and shelterbelts.


We have also planted miles of new hedges as well as re-planting and gapping up the old hedges. The internal field hedges are only cut every third year and out of the nesting season.

Alternative Energy Schemes

On top of our wildlife responsibilities we also care for the environment and are always looking at ways for the businesses to operate in an environmentally way.

We have two photovoltaic systems, one of 50kw and the other 30kw on our own farms which were installed in 2012 and 2013. We also have a ground source heat pump system supplying heat and hot water to three farm properties.


The photographs below illustrate some of the conservation work that has being undertaken by Conant Farming.

6m Arable Margin
6m Arable Margin
View from the west
Hedge after beating up with hawthorn.
Reservoir Pond
Reservoir Pond after clearance and re-planting.
New hawthorn hedge
New hawthorn hedge planted along the Luffenham road
Matildas Wood
Planting up Matildas Wood
Manton Road hedge
Manton Road Hedge after gapping up.

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