Contract Farming

Contract farming agreements have become an established alternative to the traditional way of farming land over the last thirty or forty years and have proved themselves to be a practical long term and profitable solution to the needs of modern farmers and landowners.

Contract farming gives rise to a number of advantages including:

  • A Cash Income
  • Release of Working Capital.
  • Retain Individual business and trading position.
  • No day-to-day responsibility.
  • Benefits from contractors economies of scale and management expertise.
  • Contractors usually cost less than the farms existing labour and machinery overheads.

The Conant Farming Company has contract farming agreements in place on nine farms in the East Midlands and uses contractors on it's own outlying owned farms. As a result we understand the benefits and pitfalls from both the contractors and landowner's point of view.

We would be pleased to hear from any landowners considering contract farming as an option. We appreciate that every farm and estate is different and has different needs; we feel we can offer an individual tailor made package to suit every landowners needs.

For more information please contact:
Edward Conant on 01572 737786 or e-mail: